Brazilian papaya moves the local economy and pleases palates around the world, with infinite applications in cooking and widely known health benefits. And so that it reaches consumers’ tables in perfect conditions for consumption, Interfruit has rigorous processes that guarantee quality and sanitary safety.

From the harvest in the crops of Interfruit’s partner producers, located in Linhares, in the states of Espírito Santo, and in the region of Baraúna, in Rio Grande do Norte, to the country of destination – through internal transport, selection, processing and treatment of the fruit and shipping – a maximum of 05 days have elapsed. This agility is guaranteed by the improved logistical processes and air transport, used in all fruit shipments to the foreign market.

Interfruit’s expertise is to connect Brazilian producers to consumer countries. Among the countries that most import our fruits are Canada, the United Arab Emirates and various components of the European Union such as Germany, Spain and Portugal.

the countries where we already send our papaya

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Interfruit ships to foreign markets over 500 tons of papaya every month. The fruit goes through rigorous production, handling and shipping processes, in accordance to the international certifications applicable. Interfruit is in these markets with the Caldara, Sunset and Vitta brands.

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